I Spy

I spy –  the silhouette of a boy fishing at the end of a long pier as the sun sets far behind him.

I spy –  a chipmunk dodging through shadows running from one bush to hide under another.

I spy – a happy curly haired dog napping on my lap giving me the gentle embrace of his kind acceptance.

I spy – two girls riding jet skis across glass-like lake as their youthful laughter skips across the water.

I spy – two dragonflies playing tag, flying up, down and all around, back and forward, under and on.

I spy – my life, at this very moment, is just as it should be.

So, I smile.


Now that’s a penis!

Clearly this building is happy to see me!


HG3 be a Total Baller

In the spirit of all the graduations, weddings and celebrational posts jamming the media of the social, I thought I would share my recent proud parent moment.

My Butters, aka HenryGeorge3, has officially elevated his lazy game and been honored with Official Couch Potato status.

Please Note his total baller positioning:

– remote be in prime.

– fish toy at eye level in case inspiration hits.

– pillow behind the belly substantial offers best baller support for teets to the sky sleeping.

– close to human positioning in case snacks are required.