#16 – Disassociated BRF saves lives.

So, I’m already feeling very barfy from taking my first of four typhoid pills, when a young couple gets in the elevator with me and proceeds to converse as follows…

“No, I’ve told everyone you were the best at wedding planning….
Yeah, but you were the best at the seating arrangement….
Oh now you have a reputation for being a good planner….
But, you were the best helper at addressing the invitations….”

….and before I could verbally inform this man that he indeed, officially, lost his balls, my brain became detached, and I gently drifted into a disassociated state of bitchy resting face.

imagesUpdate on aforementioned couple : SIGHTED walking two weeks later. As they approached me holding hands, my brain was immediately triggered, and BRF engaged, thus saving millions of vulnerable lives.


The Flip Side : One side is pretty. The other side is shitty.

Going through a divorce? Bad breakup? Shitty boss? Co-workers make you want to medicate? Family make you want to shoot yourself? Then you will love…..The Flip Side charm collection: one side is pretty the other side is shitty. These double-sided charms include sayings like:


  • you……….are an idiot
  • kiss………my ass
  • please…..shut up
  • i love…….booze
  • ……plus an option to create your own.

Wear your passive aggressive thoughts…..we won’t tell 😉