Elephant Orphanage Project – Zambia – 30 days left to raise $1500!!

I have 30 days to raise at least $1,500. Please consider a donation. My cost, not only covers my daily meals and tent, but is largely a direct donation to the project to keep the year round staff employed to give these deserving souls a second chance at life. Here is a quick look at what my days will look like in Kafue as a project field assistant and an overview of where I will be based.
To donate: please visit the link below – any amount helps!! xoxo


AISL presentation 29042010_007



Did Cousin Itt have a sister?

Legend states, The Addams family members could understand Cousin Itt and ordinary people began to understand him after long periods of exposure.

Hang in there pumpkin. 

It may take us a while. 

HG3 be a Total Baller

In the spirit of all the graduations, weddings and celebrational posts jamming the media of the social, I thought I would share my recent proud parent moment.

My Butters, aka HenryGeorge3, has officially elevated his lazy game and been honored with Official Couch Potato status.

Please Note his total baller positioning:

– remote be in prime.

– fish toy at eye level in case inspiration hits.

– pillow behind the belly substantial offers best baller support for teets to the sky sleeping.

– close to human positioning in case snacks are required.



OMG, It’s Pat! A lot of people ask, “Who’s he? Or she?

OMG, It’s Pat! A lot of people ask, “Who’s he? Or she?

A lot of people say, “What’s that?” It’s Pat! A lot of people ask, “Who’s he? Or she?” A ma’am or a sir, accept him or her or whatever it might be. It’s time for androgyny. Here comes Pat!  http://www.projectsarcasm.com