I Spy

I spy –  the silhouette of a boy fishing at the end of a long pier as the sun sets far behind him.

I spy –  a chipmunk dodging through shadows running from one bush to hide under another.

I spy – a happy curly haired dog napping on my lap giving me the gentle embrace of his kind acceptance.

I spy – two girls riding jet skis across glass-like lake as their youthful laughter skips across the water.

I spy – two dragonflies playing tag, flying up, down and all around, back and forward, under and on.

I spy – my life, at this very moment, is just as it should be.

So, I smile.


My Empathic Loop.

Energetically, I don’t deal with change well. Good or bad, it throws me for a bit of an empathic loop. I am highly sensitive to the energies surrounding me. I can walk into a full room of people, and FEEL, IN MY BODY their energetic vibrations, both good and bad. It’s a curse and a blessing.

  • If you are tense, I can discern it. It’s like pushing tacks into my stomach.
  • If you are unkind or toxic, I can detect your unsettling vibrations. It’s like eating tar and it cools in my chest.
  • If you are sad, I can sense a weight on my shoulders. It’s like carrying around a 10yo on my back.
  • If you have been abused, I can feel your emotional pain. It’s like having a 5lb weight on my chest.
  • If you are happy, I can absorb your glow. Your energy is like tasting sweet vanilla cream.
  • If you are calm, I can take on a more relaxed stance because you are offering yours. Your energy feels me like warm honey.

Once I came to terms with this “Seventh” sense, I began to educate myself and practice ways with which to protect, embrace and understand, what I would eventually see as, my gift.

The key for me, was learning how to decipher which energies are actually mine and which energies are being projected onto my spirit. With practice, I am proud to say, I can now, quickly determine that which isn’t mine. Sometimes, my tears aren’t about what I am feeling personally, but are actually a manifestation of what is being projected by a person who is sorrowful or lonely.

This seventh sense can be draining, but I am ok with that too. I have learned to allow myself a little more time to recover from life hiccups, season adaptations, schedule modifications and the unexpected amendments that inevitably occur in every day life. Some take me more time, others I am over it in a heartbeat. But for me, it’s all progress.

My most profound ways of recouping my energy is rest. Being a serious napper, I invest 2-5 hours in order to recover. I don’t judge it and even though I realize the world may view my needs as lazy, I know what I need. If I don’t identify the existence of energies, allow them to flow and release it, I am hindered in moving forward in my own truth. And afterall, isn’t that what life is all about? 🙂