little Daisy Mae

Sis be teets to the sky again. Word.


Sometimes it takes a while.

Took two months, skin scratches and two pops in the Lady Peep’s eye, but HG’s sis finally ok with the human cuddles. Word. 

HG3 be a Total Baller

In the spirit of all the graduations, weddings and celebrational posts jamming the media of the social, I thought I would share my recent proud parent moment.

My Butters, aka HenryGeorge3, has officially elevated his lazy game and been honored with Official Couch Potato status.

Please Note his total baller positioning:

– remote be in prime.

– fish toy at eye level in case inspiration hits.

– pillow behind the belly substantial offers best baller support for teets to the sky sleeping.

– close to human positioning in case snacks are required.