#14 – Brain Farts Help No One.

Every once in a while I catch myself listening to that voice that I have heard from many people….”You are just too picky.” During those brain farts, I start paying attention to people that I normally would never consider….

  • Oh, he’s gorgeous…..and perhaps he learned from his last drug arrest. Perhaps?
  • Yes, that bare chested picture is making me throw up a little in my mouth….but maybe he is a really good person inside. Maybe?
  • His divorce hasn’t been finalized yet….so he could be ready to date. Right?

NO. No no no and just no!! Fuck no.

Luckily, my brain farts tend to last approximately 30 days, of which, during this time, the Baby Jesus waits patiently for me to regain a clear head and move the fuck on, focused on MY WORTH!!!!

Past a certain age, if you don’t know your own worth, you are fucked, because if you think someone is going to come into your world and show you how amazing you are, you have got another thing coming. That shit don’t happen. It does not happen. And if you think it does, get ready, because eventually, the blanket will be removed to reveal your bare naked ass and you won’t know what the fuck just hit you.

So, the moral here is be picky. Work on yourself.

With age you discover, (and if you don’t shame on you), you are worth having dating standards that expand beyond the fact you are scared shitless to be alone.

Fuck that. Being alone is addicting. It is amazeballs. I get to put my shit anywhere. I can say and do whatever I want, whenever I want to do it.

You may be thinking that I am closing yourself off and you would be right. I am closing myself off to anyone that would not function in my world. Because, I am picky. And by a certain age hopefully, you will truly believe too, that if the right person is out there, he will just fit right in. Easy peasy japoneasy.