#23 – Cleaning

I never realized the level of dirty I was living in until I had to see my condo through the eyes of someone else. In preparation for an out-of-town visitor, and upon closer inspection, I am in clear understanding that all my area rug’s sole purposes are to serve as toilet paper for my two domesticated assholes.

So, heads up….if ever get to come over to my condo, and feel like taking a nap on the floor, that rug your relaxing on has seen a lot of action from my feline’s orifices.

Purposes including and are not limited to:

  • Anal gland skid scratcher.
  • Undigested food vomit catcher.
  • Bile absorber.

And since I am the adult in my domain, I seriously could give two shits. Afterall, no one has paid my ass an allowance for completion of tasks since I was in the 8th grade.



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