#26 Dumb ass moves

When you are an adult you can fix and change things as you and when you please. An upgrade here, rearrange furniture or even apply a fresh coat of paint. Or you can just leave shit alone….it is all up to you, the grown up.

My latest little project, (mind you I am still waiting to finish remodeling my kitchen, so i really don’t need to have another room in the state of remodel), was removing all the photos from my “photo wall” in the spare bedroom to spackle the nail holes and cracks, then repaint. Easy Parcheesie!….Spackle finished and dried = half hour. I am now ready to sand and paint in record time…..A beautiful one day project!!

…..That is until I discovered some 10 layers of paint beginning to peal off from the lower areas of the wall. That’s not good. I can’t leave that! The cracked paint must be removed and spackled, afterall, I am an adult and this is my room. Yay me!……pick, scrape, pick, scrape scrape scrape scrape scrape ……and there!

……son of b!t@h! In a matter of 30 minutes, I had taken paint off of about 1/8 of the wall, leaving 7/8 of the wall staring at me. So, I did what any sensible adult would do.
I walked away….



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