#28 – Airing out

It is true you can work up a sweat doing housework, burning away nasty calories while doing grown up tasks. Fine, blech! Whatever, I hate it….and since I hate house cleaning, I have a way of killing two birds with one stone. So whilst my vacuum sucks up the dust bunnies as I wipe away the dirt particles of days past, I air out my female parts. I prefer totally naked, getting air to make contact with all my nooks and crannies. Fresh air is ideal, windows open. However cold days can bring on a high beam situation that may get in the way of tasks at hand, so windows open is not always a practical component.

In any event, I find it quite refreshing. 😉

So come on give it a go…..all teets to the wind……! Ahhhhhh…..Isn’t it fabulous?



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