#29 – Brunch

Ok so yes, #50 had to do with alcohol and so does 49….whatever. Fuck you.

As a grownup, one can decide whether to partake in drinking festive beverages, anytime and in most cases, anywhere.

Consider brunch. An amazing invention, of which I will give full credit to the gay population for its creation. Because, let’s be honest most heteros are just not that inventive. Brunch is this amazing concept that gives one permission to eat breakfast at lunch time, while mixing in the concept of day drinking and, in the end, giving you enough time to sober up and wake up fresh the next day. Brilliant.
Consider the following……

Wednesday night cocktails after work = Fucking hump day and I’m in a shitty mood. Better off going home to refuel and prepare for the bullshit coming tomorrow. Besides a hang over at work is not helpful and/or appreciated.

Friday night of cocktails and bars = Honestly, unless it is with my gays, I would rather go home, wear sweats and feed my cats.

Sunday morning brunch = I’m all in! So if we start the brunch experience at 1pm, that gives me at least 5-6 hours of uninterrupted drinking, and enough time to recover from my buzz, fold my laundry, feed the dependents, shower and get a restful 8 hour nights sleep…..And no Monday hangover = FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!



One thought on “#29 – Brunch

  1. … I’ve held onto this argument for YEARS – when someone says they want to take a pass on brunch – I give them the above reasoning and they ave. Every time.

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