I must go first.

In an effort to clear my energy; I followed my instincts and decided weeks ago to skip all of the usual family holiday traditions/pressures this year. 

Selfish – maybe. 
Necessary – yes.

By stepping back and releasing all of the foggy, heavy, pressure-filled baggage, I am beginning to see things/people/situations much clearer. By allowing myself a place of peace, contentment and appreciation, I am not lingering on anger, past hurts or disappointment, I am actually remembering the joy of the season.

I can feel my energy changing, my perspective shifting. I feel much more gentle. My hurt has subsided, my fear is quieting and I truly feel that maybe, just maybe, relationships can be reformed through a softer heart. I am feeling my meditative place, very much like my creative expression, carrying over into my daily consciousness….this is a blessing and a gift. I am hoping to continue to heal, forgive and rebuild in peace. Not to forget, but to forgive and maybe even let go.

So, I begin 2013, understanding the worth of my creativity. I reflect to you a conversation with my new friend that has opened my eyes to myself and my place in the world around me. 

“The miracle that comes from knowing, believing and trusting it is all coming…there is nowhere to get. There is nothing to achieve, it is in the expression, especially as an artist, the world follows…you much go first.” -Randolph Duke



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