Labor day….whatever.

I don’t find being single a hard state to be in.
I really don’t.
I am just not a person who generally feels lonely. Afterall, I was raised in the middle of the flat corn fields, that is the Midwest, so I learned as a little girl to not think of being alone as a bad thing. 

However as an adult, what I find most challenging, is finding the motivation within myself to be “a part” of these weekends and holidays. Since I am single, I am solely responsible for finding my own entertainment. Sure, I will admit it, that when I am dating someone, it is always easier to fill in the holidays and the weekends. And since I was not created with an overly desperate desire to be regularly engaged with human beings, another person can be quite a great motivator. 

This weekend I have taken 4 naps, gone on 6 dog walks, watched 5 movies, attended 1 brunch, did my laundry, gave 2 cats a bath and gave myself an at-home hair treatment. Needless to say, I was lacking some motivation….


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